Workplace safety inspection

This training is intended for operations managers and supervisors who wish to improve their skills in workplace inspection.



  • Understand more precisely the nature of the hazards and risks in the workplace.
  • Develop a better ability to identify, assess and correct the hazards and risks present in the workplace.
  • Make better interventions with employees to correct inappropriate behavior.
  • Ensure compliance with Quebec regulations on occupational health and safety.


  • How to assess hazards and risks.
  • The dangers represented by the shortcomings, gaps and deviations related to the production and management systems of the company.
  • The techniques of observation and inspection of the working environment.
  • Employee observation: how to react and correct inappropriate behavior.
  • Revision of the main articles of Quebec regulations on health and safety at work.
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    • A day
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    • Simplex Laval
    • Client establishment.
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Benefits training with Simplex


  • The instructors are approved by the Partners Commission of the labor market.


  • The service is fast and personalized at each customer according to the environment of work.

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