Membership benefits

Why make it complicated when you can keep it simple? In addition to streamlining your rentals, you can enjoy numerous benefits with a member account. And our customers are the ones who can vouch for it.


Martyn Beaupre Director of Operations Sinisco

Following up with clients is the key to execution responsibility, speed of communication is respect for our businesses.

Nancy Tardif Purchasing & Logistics Director Mirazed, Canva Group

Already knowing the Simplex company, I was looking for a very reliable Quebec partner for my contract because it was a large-scale project that covered all of Quebec and part of Ontario. After a few months of work our project is now complete we have succeeded with flying colors I am really happy to have partnered with Simplex. It gives me a great experience of working with very professional people. Thank you Mr. Ladouceur for your involvement.

Ouvrier prenant des notes sur son carnet.

Take advantage of member benefits

Follow the process of opening an account step by step by clicking below to take advantage of our member benefits!

Open an acount

Membership account

How do I open an account member ?

You have two choices :

1. You must first create a profile in the customer area, selecting "Company" as the account type. Once you have completed the information for your organization, you can then go to the "Profile" section and click on "Open a member account". You will then need to fill in the various fields required to process your request. Once completed, the authorized person representing the company will receive an email inviting them to electronically sign the request.

2. If you encounter difficulties, we invite you to contact one of our credit agents, either by email at or through our chatbot.

Once your registration is completed, an account opening analysis will be conducted, and a confirmation email will be sent to you once the opening is completed.

What are the advantages of opening a member account?

By opening a member account you will be able to:

  • Rent high-value equipment
  • Rent without being asked for a deposit
  • Access payment within 30 days
  • Take advantage of accelerated transaction
  • Access specialized services for professionals, including our 24/7 service
  • Benefit from a centralized account for all of Quebec and each of our branches
  • Enjoy dedicated customer service


Also, creating a member account will make it easier for you:

  • To protect you. You will be able at any time to invite or remove persons authorized to rent or to pick up your rentals in branches, to avoid any identity theft or authorized persons but no longer employed.
  • To budget your projects. With access at all times to your invoices and rental history, over the last 48 months. But also the possibility of exporting your consumption in an excel spreadsheet.
  • To organize yourself. With access at all times to the management of your staff and your current or future rentals.
  • To communicate. Your project manager will be able to make an appointment at any time with his appointed representative and your accounts will have privileged access to our credit service, live via our chatbot.

In short, only advantages.

How do I add or remove a person authorized to rent?

To do this, nothing could be simpler, you can manage the roles and permissions of your employees, directly on your customer area, in the "Organization" section.
Please note that only member customers can access this section.

You can then give a role to each contact you want to invite to the platform. Each level thus gives an authorization to your employee, such as the authorization to rent or pick up a product. You can also delete an authorized contact at any time.

Any person authorized to rent must be provided to us by you, otherwise the transaction will be refused.