Membership benefits

Why make it complicated when you can make it simple? In addition to simplifying your rentals, a Simplex member account will allow you to benefit from:


Martyn Beaupre Director of Operations Sinisco

Following up with clients is the key to execution responsibility, speed of communication is respect for our businesses.

Nancy Tardif Purchasing & Logistics Director Mirazed, Canva Group

Already knowing the Simplex company, I was looking for a very reliable Quebec partner for my contract because it was a large-scale project that covered all of Quebec and part of Ontario. After a few months of work our project is now complete we have succeeded with flying colors I am really happy to have partnered with Simplex. It gives me a great experience of working with very professional people. Thank you Mr. Ladouceur for your involvement.

Ouvrier prenant des notes sur son carnet.

Take advantage of member benefits

Follow the process of opening an account step by step by clicking below to take advantage of our member benefits!

Open an acount

Membership account

How do I open an account?

You can download the documentation required to open your account and follow the instructions from this page. 

Once your registration is complete, an account opening analysis will be carried out and a member of our team will quickly get in touch with you.

What are the advantages of opening an account?

By opening a business account, you will be able to:
+ Rent high-value equipment
+ Rent without requiring a deposit
+ Access payment within 30 days
+ Benefit from accelerated transactions
+ Access specialized services for professionals, including our 24/7 service
+ Benefit from a centralized account for all of Quebec and each of our branches
+ Benefit from customer service and expedited delivery

How do I add or remove a person authorized to rent?

For major changes of this kind, please contact us by email at:
Anyone authorized to rent must be registered in our systems.