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How to choose a scissor lift?

There are different types of scissor lifts: electric, gasoline, propane or diesel powered. Each type has different advantages in terms of performance, energy efficiency and suitability for different working environments.


Electric scissor lifts are ideal for use indoors and in noise-sensitive or low-emission areas. They are commonly found in warehouses, shopping malls and residential areas. Electric lifts offer greater maneuverability, increased lift height, quiet operation and zero emissions, making them an environmentally friendly option.

Gas or propane scissor lifts are versatile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are commonly used in construction, building maintenance and outdoor projects. These lifts offer high mobility, considerable lifting capacity, long autonomy and low emissions, all of which benefit the user.

Diesel scissor lifts are widely used in construction sites, industrial plants and outdoor events. Thank you to their power and robustness, they can handle demanding tasks. Diesel scissor lifts offer a considerable lifting height, exceptional stability and extended autonomy, making them ideal for long-term projects and demanding conditions.

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