Open an account

How to open an account?

Account opening is done in two steps


Need to download the .pdf on your computer and open it with Adobe Reader to complete it

  • Then post the original version of your form to

Location d'outils Simplex 
Att : Département du crédit
9740, boul. L'Acadie,
Montréal (Québec)
H4N 1L8

Do not forget

Do not forget to sign the 2 pages of the form and to affix your initials to article 9, by a person who is on the registrar or by a resolution.

Please attach a copy of your third party property insurance policy by returning this form to us.

Simplify your life
Need help?

Contact the manager of the account opening, Kim Lansloot at 514-331-7779 ext. 10432 or by email at

Membership account

How do I open an account?

You can download the documentation required to open your account and follow the instructions from this page. 

Once your registration is complete, an account opening analysis will be carried out and a member of our team will quickly get in touch with you.

What are the advantages of opening an account?

By opening a business account, you will be able to:
+ Rent high-value equipment
+ Rent without requiring a deposit
+ Access payment within 30 days
+ Benefit from accelerated transactions
+ Access specialized services for professionals, including our 24/7 service
+ Benefit from a centralized account for all of Quebec and each of our branches
+ Benefit from customer service and expedited delivery

How do I add or remove a person authorized to rent?

For major changes of this kind, please contact us by email at:
Anyone authorized to rent must be registered in our systems.

Services and training

Do you offer training even during COVID-19?

We offer training even during COVID-19. To find out more about our training courses and to reserve your place, click here or contact us at 514-331-7779 (1-800- 361-1486) EXT. 10905.

What are your next training dates?

Depending on the training activity, the dates are available on the Internet

Do you offer training in private session?

Yes, you can email our training team to arrange private training at or contact us at (514) 331-7779, extension 10905