Structural inspection on lifting equipment

The structural inspection of lifting equipment such as boom lift, scissor lift, trailor mounted boom and personal elevator must be carried out periodically in order to detect anomalies in the structure. This inspection must be carried out under the supervision of an engineer.

Why inspect the structure of lifting equipment?

  • To ensure the safety of workers;
  • To avoid loss of productivity in the event of equipment failure;
  • To ensure the longevity of the equipment.

The risk of structural breakage can cause significant damage and even death if the structure breaks while in use.

When should we do the structural inspection?

  • The inspection must be done ten years after the date of construction and every five years thereafter according to CSA standards.
  • After any actual, suspected or potential damage sustained during an incident that could potentially adversely affect the stability or structural integrity of the equipment.

How the structural inspection service works ?

  • Contact our in-house mechanical service at 1-800-311-5438 or by email to make an appointment.
  • When the inspection is complete and positive, a certificate of compliance will be issued.

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