Roles and responsibilities of managers

This training is intended for operations managers and supervisors who wish to have a more precise understanding of their organizational and legal responsibilities in matters of occupational health and safety.



  • Adopt attitudes and behaviors that promote employee participation in the prevention process.
  • Develop leadership and communication skills in OHS.
  • Integrate the field of OHS into management practices and daily activities of the company.
  • Know and assume legal responsibility for OSH.


  • Why get involved and invest in OSH?
  • Description of the main roles and responsibilities of managers in OHS matters.
  • How to be an agent of change in OHS?
  • Coherence and consistency in actions.
  • Leadership and effective communication in OSH.
  • The legal responsibility of the employer and managers with regard to OSH.
  • Notions of due diligence.
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    • Half a day
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    • Simplex Laval
    • Client establishment.
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Benefits training with Simplex


  • The instructors are approved by the Partners Commission of the labor market.


  • The service is fast and personalized at each customer according to the environment of work.

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