Lifting devices Training

Whatever your sector of activity, it is mandatory that your employees be trained to operate any lifting device: forklift, aerial platform, overhead crane, pallet truck or aerial platform truck. See how tailored training with Simplex can help you meet the security requirements in your business.



  • Attend private or public sessions.
  • Register beginner, advanced; regular or occasional users.
  • Get a discount when training many groups.
  • Pass theoretical and practical tests.
  • Attend training program at your workplace or at our stores.

What you get with Simplex training

  • A course lasting from 5 hours to 2 days (depending on the training).
  • The skills to operate and inspect the device safely.
  • The ability to recognize the causes of accidents and prevent them.
  • A reminder for renewal.
  • A valid safe use certificate card is given at the end of the training.


    The instructors are approved by the Labor Market Partners Commission.

    The service is fast and personalized to each client according to the work environment.

    A certificate will be given to each of the participants who have completed the training.

For any questions or informations

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Services and training

Do you offer training even during COVID-19?

We offer training even during COVID-19. To find out more about our training courses and to reserve your place, click here or contact us at 514-331-7779 (1-800- 361-1486) EXT. 10905.

What are your next training dates?

Depending on the training activity, the dates are available on the Internet

Do you offer training in private session?

Yes, you can email our training team to arrange private training at or contact us at (514) 331-7779, extension 10905