Telescopic boom 86ft diesel


Telescopic boom 86ft diesel

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Known for positioning quickly and efficiently, this 86ft diesel telescopic boom lift will allow you to work safely at 86 feet high, even in restricted environments thanks to its JIB, its swinging basket and its mast with a horizontal reach of 75 feet .Diesel telescopic boom lifts have multiple mast sections that fold down, allowing the operator to access work areas over obstacles and barriers. Their tail movement makes them ideal for maneuvering in confined spaces. Electric arrows are essential because they are quieter than diesel giraffes and do not emit gas. These versatile products are perfect for hard to reach areas. It allows users and their tools to be carried to very high working areas, thanks to high capacity ramps with unparalleled reach. Telescopic boom lifts are efficient for work at high elevations. Very quick to set up, the telescopic mast is ideal for your jobs of 8 floors or more.


  • Robustness of the equipment.
  • Engine performance for transportation of heavy load.
  • Simple equipment to use.
  • Rapid deployment of the mast.


  • Perfect for your assembly of steel structures.
  • Ideal for demolition and construction work.

Technical specifications

  • Height 120 In
  • Width 98 In
  • Lifting capacity 500 lb
  • Power suply Diesel
  • Minimum lifting height 1032 In
  • Weight 38691 lb
  • Length 510 In
  • Floor width 96 In
  • Floor length without extensions 36 In
  • Lifting height 86 Ft
  • Horizontal reach 75 Ft
  • Traction Four wheel drive
  • Unrestricted platform capacity 500 lb
  • Working height 1103 In
  • Boom Type Telescopic Mast
Telescopic boom 86ft diesel