Choose your lifting equipment

Pour garantir votre sécurité et celle de vos ouvriers, les échelles sont à proscrire à partir d’une certaine hauteur et à remplacer par des engins de chantier spécifiques.

According to your project, the equipment for working at heights will vary. To ensure your safety and that of your workers, ladders should be avoided above a certain height and replaced with specific construction machinery.

This article will allow you to learn more about the main types of lifting equipment available at Simplex.

There are many different types of work equipment for working at heights and each one has its own specificities. To understand which one is right for your jobsite, we'll list the most important points to consider.

The work environment

The work environment is the first step in defining the type of equipment you need.
  1. The type of power supply depends on the location of use. If you need it indoors, electric power is suggested, but outdoors, fuel, gas or mixed may be appropriate.
  2. Also, the surface the equipment will be running on will determine if you need a standard machine or if you need the 4-wheel drive option.
Define the maximum working height you need

There are cherry pickers, dollies and scissors that allow you to work at different heights. Our tallest aerial work platform can go up to 135 feet!

Your working height will determine the lifting equipment you need! To do this, measure the distance between the ground and the height you need. We will recommend the most economical solution for your needs.

Here is the maximum lifting height for each type of lifting equipment.

  • Maximum elevator height 240 inches.
  • Maximum height of telescopic forklifts 54 feet.
  • Maximum height of hydraulic scaffolding 80 feet.
  • Maximum height for aerial work platforms 135 feet.
  • Maximum elevator height 40 feet.


The function of each piece of lifting equipment


Location de chariot élévateur.

The forklift

The forklift A forklift is a lifting and handling device designed to transfer loads in factories or storage warehouses. If you have a usage of more than 200 hours per month, please contact one of our specialists for rental terms compliance for this equipment.

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Location d'élévateurs.

The vertical mast lift

A vertical mast lift is a construction machine used to facilitate access to a work area at height. It offers solutions for maintenance, repair, upkeep or cleaning work. Its light weight allows it to be transported in elevators.

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Location d'échafaudage hydraulique.

The hydraulic scaffold

Electric or diesel, the hydraulic scaffolding is a very versatile piece of lifting equipment that allows you to work in great autonomy on a construction site. The platform can accommodate several people but also allows you to avoid going back and forth by loading equipment onto the platform.

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Location de chariot télescopique.

The telehandler

The telehandler is not really a machine for working at heights and it does not lift people, only loads. It is often found in warehouses to facilitate the overhead storage of loads up to 20,000 Lbs.

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The telescopic boom lift

The articulated boom lift It is a very versatile piece of lifting equipment. Be careful, however, because the basket is small in size and does not allow you to load much material. The basket capacity is 500 Lb.

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Choose a versatile piece of lifting equipment for your work.

Lifting equipment can have several functions. It is possible to adapt a range of lifting accessories to make your equipment more versatile and profitable.

Adapt the characteristics of the basket to your needs

The basket you will use must be adapted to your needs. Whether you are alone, with heavy tools on board or with several people, we will advise you on the maximum weight that the basket can support.

If you have a specific need or question: Contact us.

Knowing that the rental of a lifting equipment requires specific information, contact us by phone, from the website or directly in a branch. Our team of professionals will meet your expectations to make your projects a reality.

We are at your service to help you take on your projects involving work at heights.