Articulated boom 63ft gas or propane


Articulated boom 63ft gas or propane

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This 63ft gas or propane articulated mast boom lift will allow you to work at 63 feet in a safe way, even in restricted environments thanks to its JIB and its swivel basket.Ideal for your construction, demolition or more generally your outdoor work at height. This type of platform offers multidirectional lifting, ideal for projects in airports, shopping centers or even theaters. It can be handled at great heights with ease and adaptability. Thanks to this equipment, you will be able to carry out a 360 ° lifting, without having to move the machine. This configuration offers a very wide movement capacity, allowing precise positioning during interventions.This further facilitates work at high elevations.


  • Articulated arm that can go in all directions.
  • Allows you to work close to buildings.
  • Allows you to overhang obstacles easily.
  • Allows you to work in some more restricted areas.


  • Ideal for your outdoors work at height.
  • Ideal for demolition and construction work.

Technical specifications

  • Height 102 In
  • Width 98 In
  • Lifting capacity 500 lb
  • Power suply Gasoline or propane
  • Minimum lifting height 720 In
  • Weight 23405 lb
  • Length 360 In
  • Floor width 96 In
  • Floor length without extensions 36 In
  • Lifting height 63 Ft
  • Horizontal reach 39 Ft
  • Surplomb 23 Ft
  • Traction Four wheel drive
  • Tank 115 Liter
  • Unrestricted platform capacity 500 lb
  • Working height 828 In
  • Anti-pollution Catalyzer
  • Boom Type Articulated Mast
Articulated boom 63ft gas or propane