Reflex, for a sustainable future

Because a small effort each day can greatly help our planet, Simplex is committed to integrating the Reflex principles of sustainable development.

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Our sustainability ambitions: constant collaboration and innovation

To do this, we are committed to introducing sustainable development actions and practices into our processes.
To deliver on this promise, we are investing in the creation of a
An ecosystem of continuous innovation that invites all available energies and skills to Collaborate in the sustainable improvement of our environmental, economic and social impacts.

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Our eco-responsible commitments for a sustainable future

  • Place the collaborative and circular economy at the heart of our practices to minimize our environmental impacts and improve our economic and social impacts.
  • Create a collaborative space to find solutions that support the transition to sustainable development.
  • Share our learnings and skills with stakeholders to inspire and support the transition of our industry.
  • Maintain an eco-responsible committee and allocate the necessary resources to achieve the objectives of the Ecoresponsible Strategic Plan.



Simple gestures, great results

Discover our eco-responsible objectives

Simplex commits to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050

Goal 1: Improve the energy efficiency of our buildings

Major actions.

  • Reduce the energy consumption of our building stock
  • Establish environmental criteria for renovation projects
  • Raising awareness among users and building technicians about the issue of energy saving

Objective 2: Reduce GHGs from our own fleet

Major actions

  • Continue our fleet replacement plan towards low-carbon options
  • Identify performance indicators by vehicle type
    Raising awareness of eco-driving
  • Optimization of the transport planning and logistics function

Creating sustainable value: ensuring sustainable growth of our organization

Objective 1: Generate demand for sustainable offers from our customers

Major actions

  • Design an eco-responsible offer of our products and services
  • Survey our strategic customers to understand their desire to reduce their emissions

Objective 2: Deliver greener solutions

Major actions

  • Adopt a responsible procurement policy
  • Co-working and mobilizing our suppliers towards more sustainable solutions

Objective 3: Ensure the deployment of the eco-responsible strategy

Major actions

  • Communicate regularly on the eco-responsible approach internally and externally
  • Set up the follow-up processes of the eco-responsible plan with management

Goal 4: Give back to the community

Major actions

  • Adopt a philanthropy strategy focused on our eco-responsible values

Manage existing resources in our daily practices

Objective 1 Integrate the principles of the 3RV into all our practices

Major actions

  • Implement a framework of good environmental practices for all our mechanical workshops
  • Set up a residual materials tracking system

Goal 2 Better manage our water consumption

Major actions

  • Install water meters
  • Install a water recovery system

Embracing a human-centered culture

Objective 1 : Create and provide a rewarding employee experience

Great Actions

  • Bringing our values ​​and corporate culture to life
  • Promote personal development and a harmonious work environment

Objective 2: Effectively onboard new employees and create a culture of continuous learning

Major actions

  • Develop and deploy a new employee onboarding program
  • Develop continuous employee learning
  • Develop managerial and relational skills

Objective 3 : Provide overall compensation

Great Actions

  • Sharing the benefits of growth
  • Improve the quality of places
  • Innovating to improve working conditions

Objective 4 : Plan the workforce and succession for better talent management

Major actions

  • Develop a talent management process
  • Fostering career development
Simplex Obtains ECORESPONSIBLETM Level 1 Certification
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