Stucco applicator electric 120V

Stucco applicator electric 120V

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The 120V Electric Stucco Applicator is ideal for spraying stucco on walls. Simple to use stucco applicator features a metal handle on top of the hopper for easy control when spraying or transporting to a job site. For best results, a compressor (6.25 cfm at 20-25 psi) is included complete with hose and is positioned on a wheeled cart for easy transportation. Higher airflow from the compressor to the gun will create a finer texture; as the airflow decreases, the result will be a coarser, more splattered effect. Test your pattern on scrap pieces to determine the ideal settings. The orifice plate on the front of the gun has five sizes of holes to spray different amounts of material. Large capacity hopper holds 1-3/4 gallons of material. The hopper is specially angled to facilitate spraying walls and ceilings.


  • Simple to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Metal handle for two-handed control
  • The gun sprays a variety of textures. Five spray sizes.


  • Ideal for spraying stucco on walls.
  • Ideal for spraying walls, ceilings, fireproofing and stucco.

Technical specifications

  • Height 35 In
  • Width 19 In
  • Power suply Electric
  • Weight 100 lb
  • Length of casing 35 Ft
  • Amperage 11.5 A
  • Voltage 120 Volt
  • Painting accessories Pump
Stucco applicator electric 120V