Pipe freezer electric 1/2in 2in

Pipe freezer electric 1/2in 2in

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The electric pipe freezer is easy to use and allows the operator to repair water systems without shutting them down. The miniature freezer unit circulates self-contained liquid coolant in a closed circuit to its aluminum freezing heads. An ice plug forms in just 6 minutes. Once the pipe is clogged, repairs can be made as long as the ice plug is held in place by the device.


  • Simple to use
  • No gas bottle needed
  • Fast freezing


  • Helps keep water systems running while making repairs.

Technical specifications

  • Brand Ridgid
  • Power suply Electric
  • Weight 55 lb
  • Minimum diameter 0.5 In
  • Maximum diameter 2 In
  • Voltage 120 Volt
  • Plumbing Accessories Frost and defrost


Pipe freezer electric 1/2in 2in

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