Electric welder 600A

Electric welder 600A

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The 600A electric welder is ideal for heavy-duty industrial workshop applications. You can control the output voltage throughout the range for easy operation and precise control. It is equipped with a 115 V, 15A - (60Hz models) duplex auxiliary power outlet that makes it easy to power lights, grinders, and other workshop tools to your workstation. Robust construction and simple controls.


  • Robust construction and simple controls
  • Easy to use


  • Ideal for heavy-duty industrial workshop applications

Technical specifications

  • Brand Lincoln
  • Height 36 In
  • Width 28 In
  • Power suply Electric
  • Weight 522 lb
  • Length 55 In
  • Amperage 600 A
  • Welding accessories Welder
Electric welder 600A