Frequently asked questions

Membership account

How do I open an account member ?

You have two choices :

1. You must first create a profile in the customer area, selecting "Company" as the account type. Once you have completed the information for your organization, you can then go to the "Profile" section and click on "Open a member account". You will then need to fill in the various fields required to process your request. Once completed, the authorized person representing the company will receive an email inviting them to electronically sign the request.

2. If you encounter difficulties, we invite you to contact one of our credit agents, either by email at or through our chatbot.

Once your registration is completed, an account opening analysis will be conducted, and a confirmation email will be sent to you once the opening is completed.

What are the advantages of opening a member account?

By opening a member account you will be able to:

  • Rent high-value equipment
  • Rent without being asked for a deposit
  • Access payment within 30 days
  • Take advantage of accelerated transaction
  • Access specialized services for professionals, including our 24/7 service
  • Benefit from a centralized account for all of Quebec and each of our branches
  • Enjoy dedicated customer service


Also, creating a member account will make it easier for you:

  • To protect you. You will be able at any time to invite or remove persons authorized to rent or to pick up your rentals in branches, to avoid any identity theft or authorized persons but no longer employed.
  • To budget your projects. With access at all times to your invoices and rental history, over the last 48 months. But also the possibility of exporting your consumption in an excel spreadsheet.
  • To organize yourself. With access at all times to the management of your staff and your current or future rentals.
  • To communicate. Your project manager will be able to make an appointment at any time with his appointed representative and your accounts will have privileged access to our credit service, live via our chatbot.

In short, only advantages.

How do I add or remove a person authorized to rent?

To do this, nothing could be simpler, you can manage the roles and permissions of your employees, directly on your customer area, in the "Organization" section.
Please note that only member customers can access this section.

You can then give a role to each contact you want to invite to the platform. Each level thus gives an authorization to your employee, such as the authorization to rent or pick up a product. You can also delete an authorized contact at any time.

Any person authorized to rent must be provided to us by you, otherwise the transaction will be refused.

Rental and use of products

How much is the deposit?

The cost of the deposit depends on the duration and the value of the tools or equipment rented.

How does the weekend rate work? What equipment/tools are eligible for this flat rate?

To provide you with more flexibility and simplicity, we offer a weekend rate in effect from Friday noon to Monday 9 am for the rental of several items.

You get the item(s) for a longer period at a lower rental cost. Check with your Simplex representative for details surrounding this rate.

Are the prices displayed on the website the same as the price in stores?

For the sake of transparency towards our customers, our online prices are identical to those in store. We like it simple!


What are your delivery fees?

Delivery costs vary depending on the distance to be traveled and the category of tools or equipment. To learn more about delivery, contact a branch advisor or contact us by phone or email at

Do you deliver on weekends?

Delivery is possible on weekends depending on the availability of each branch. Contact us to confirm availability.

Do you provide the operator?

Unfortunately this service is not offered.

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How the delivery service works
Contact us

Services and training

Do you offer training even during COVID-19?

We offer training even during COVID-19. To find out more about our training courses and to reserve your place, click here or contact us at 514-331-7779 (1-800- 361-1486) EXT. 10905.

What are your next training dates?

Depending on the training activity, the dates are available on the Internet

Do you offer training in private session?

Yes, you can email our training team to arrange private training at or contact us at (514) 331-7779, extension 10905

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Do you provide insurance for theft?

No. Each customer is responsible for insuring theft with their insurance company.

We strongly suggest that you validate this information with your insurance company

Why do i need insurance?

In the event of loss, theft or vandalism, your insurer will cover the fees. This is why insurance is asked when you rent from us.

What should my insurance guarantee?

Insurance covering damage / fire / theft / vandalism is required in order to cover any inherent costs as stated in the terms and conditions during the rental.

General information

What should I know before renting?

Here's everything you need to know about renting:

For professionals and individuals, a deposit will be required (by credit card) and be sure to have a piece of identification (such as a driver's license) when you visit.

For professionals ; your account information or other relevant information (contacts, order form, project name, address, authorized personnel) will be requested

What are your closing/opening hours?

You have two options. We suggest that you visit our website in the “find a branch” section. The opening hours will be posted there. The second option is to call us at the branch. Please note that our hours may vary from one branch to another and at different times of the year.

What security measures are in place that ensures my personal and financial information is safe?

The data provided is encrypted in our systems. No sensitive information is kept.

Damage protection

The tool / equipment I rented is damaged / defective, what should I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible for assistance or replacement.

How do you check for damages?

An inspection is made in front of the customer, after each return. Please inform our teams in the event of a breakage caused when using one of our products.

What happens when I notice damage to the equipment or tool?

If the damage is accidental and not related to abuse, the 9.9% damage waiver typically covers the cost of maintenance and repair. No worries, we can assess together on return.

Rental returns

How does it work when I return the product to the store ?

When your items are returned, they will be inspected and verified. Your transaction will then be closed and the refund will be applied according to your payment terms. It is also possible for us to send your documents by email, ask one of our advisors at the branch.

How does it work if I decide to use the delivery service?

You can request a pickup by phone in branch or at 1-800-361-1486, with an agent by clicking below or by email at
A rental stop confirmation number will then be given to you."

Can I return the rented tools to the branch of my choice?

Yes, it is possible to return most items to another branch, subject to the opening hours and days of the branches. Opening hours may vary.

Branch opening hours may vary, and the type of rented item(s) may also be subject to certain restriction(s). Be sure to verify this information with a Simplex advisor when opening the rental contract or making a reservation.

Generally, there is no waiting period when returning a rental in-store.


What payment methods do you accept?

For individuals, we accept personal credit and debit cards.
For account-holding customers, we accept credit cards, branch debit cards, direct deposits, checks by mail and Interac credit cards

What is the 9.9%?

This is a wear clause representing 9.9% of rental rates, which is used to cover accidental breakage during normal use of a tool or equipment. Please note that all of our customers must pay these additional fees. Please note that this clause does not cover claims for fire, theft, vandalism or negligence. In the event of abuse, the customer will be billed an amount equivalent to the repair of the broken equipment, i.e. the costs relating to the replacement of parts and labor.

Can I rent using a combination of credit cards?

Yes. The security deposit securing your reservation is taken only from your credit card. The final payment of the invoice can be made on the same card, on another credit card, or on a debit card at the branch.

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How can I see the positions available in my region?

Visit the "Jobs" section of our career page at this address: You can search for available offers according to location.


I just saw a "We are hiring" sign for a store opening up in my area. How can I apply?

The easiest way to apply directly for a position that interests you is by visiting our "Career" site, or by applying for an unsolicited application.

How do I apply for a job in a store?

The easiest way to apply directly for a position that interests you is by visiting our "Career" site, or by applying for an unsolicited application.

Corporate agreement

Am I eligible for a discount on my rental if I am a CAA member?

Absolutely yes! As an individual, we have a corporate agreement with CAA giving you the right to a 10% discount on your tool and equipment rentals.

Am I eligible for a discount on my rental if I am a member of the CORPIQ ?

Absolutely yes! We have a corporate agreement with CORPIQ giving you the right to a 20% discount on your tool and equipment rentals.

Am I entitled to a discount if I am a member of the CESGM ?

Absolutely yes! We have a corporate agreement with CESGM, renewed annually, giving you the right to a 20% discount on your tool and equipment rentals.


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Security - Covid-19

Does Simplex disinfect workplaces?

We take the necessary precautions. Our cleaning crews have increased the frequency of cleaning items that are touched frequently, such as doorknobs, light switches and table tops.

What restrictions have been put in place and for how long will these measures apply?

Restrictions and hygiene measures will be maintained for as long as necessary: ​​regular and frequent washing of hands, respect of the respiratory etiquette at all times, physical distancing measures, alcoholic disinfectant dispensers in well-kept places in the workplace for customers and employees, cleaning frequently touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, keyboards and telephones.

How often are tools / equipment disinfected?

Tools / equipment are disinfected after each use as well as before and after each handling.

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