Why choose an electric hydraulic scaffold?

Technicien faisant de la maintenance sur une scène de spectacle depuis un échafaudage hydraulique.

Scissor lifts are designed for working at heights. They are efficient, economical and safer than ladders. Why make it complicated when you can make it simple?

For your indoor projects

Ideal for construction, maintenance or finishing projects, the battery-powered scaffold is perfect for your indoor work. Its speed of execution allows you to save time compared to a manual scaffolding.
With us, it's simple, we offer you the best brands of battery powered hydraulic scaffold manufacturers:

A long list of advantages

Work simply with your equipment


  • Thanks to the capacity of its platform, the battery powered hydraulic scaffold allows you to move loads of 500 LBS including the operator. It''s ideal for your finishing work, for example: glass installation, painting, lighting, installation of security / surveillance systems, graffiti on buildings or plastering.



  • This piece of equipment is subject to safety regulations, the CSA standard must be respected.
  • The stability and the guardrail considerably reduce the risks of injury due to falls from high places.

Machines adapted to your most specific needs:

  • Modular and light: the GMG 13 feet are specialized to fit in a freight elevator.
  • Ease of storage: most of our models can fit through a single door, and it is possible to fold the guard to save even more space.
  • Ergonomics: Adaptable to specific needs and designed to reach the most difficult places to access.
  • Precision: in your lifting and moving actions.


Environmental friendliness:

  • Zero emissions and silent: clean energy for interventions in closed sites.



  • Move the scaffolding while working at heights, saving time and safety.
  • Special non-marking tires.
  • Possibility to convert the machine for sanitary needs: food industry, food trade, pharmaceuticals...
  • Battery powered hydraulic scaffolds can be used outdoors if the weather and the surface allow it. However, the main use is indoors.


  • Work a quarter of the day and get back to work: The machine has a smart charger that stops charging when it is full.
  • Save battery power by using the platform lift only when you are on the move.

Enclosed or hazardous sites:

  • The advantage of the EE protection standard is that the rig is protected and will not produce any sparks. This is ideal for your work in enclosed areas with fuel fumes or in a paint room for example.

Who are these machines for?

Various jobs requiring work at heights can be carried out with this type of lifting device:
  • Construction or renovation work (painting, electricity, air conditioning, heating, glazier, painter, lighting, security / surveillance installation, graffiti on buildings, plasterer.
  • Industrial cleaning.
  • Event operations (indoor).
In summary

Hydraulic scaffolds allow workers in various fields such as construction and maintenance to perform indoor work in a more ergonomical and safer manner.