Battery thermal camera Bosch GTC400C

Battery thermal camera Bosch GTC400C

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The Bosch GTC400C 12V Max Connected Thermal Imager determines temperatures in seconds and documents results with convenience. Featuring a large, illuminated color display, it provides an accurate 160 x 120 thermal graphics image to within ±3°C, setting the standard for detailed thermal resolution. It features simple operation; just pull the trigger to take an image and use the click wheel for functions. The thermal graph image features over 19,000 measurement points for greater accuracy, showing hot and cold spots, center temperature, and an adjustable temperature scale. The integrated visual camera records the actual images, so the user can document the work area visually and thermally. This allows for side-by-side comparison, picture-in-picture, and image and thermal graph overlay. It can store up to 500 images. It's powered by the Bosch 12V Max battery platform for professional runtime. The user can then transfer the thermal documentation to a device with a Bluetooth® or WiFi hotspot.


  • Easy to use
  • Can store up to 500 images
  • Features a large, illuminated color display
  • Bluetooth® connectivity and WiFi hotspot: allows documentation to be transferred to a mobile phone or tablet

Technical specifications

  • Brand Bosch
  • Power suply Battery
  • Weight 2 lb
Battery thermal camera  Bosch GTC400C