Services and training

Services and training

Do you offer training even during COVID-19?

We offer training even during COVID-19. To find out more about our training courses and to reserve your place, click below or contact us at 514-331-7779 (1-800- 361-1486) EXT. 10905.

What are your next training dates?

Depending on the training activity, the dates are available on the Internet

Do you offer training in private session?

Yes, you can email our training team to arrange private training at or contact us at (514) 331-7779, extension 10905

What should I bring with me for my training?

You must bring your mask, safety boots or shoes, and a pen. You must also bring your harness and lanyard for boom lift and platform training as well as for working at height training

What is the deadline for receiving my training card?

The deadline is two to four weeks, but you will have a provisional card valid for a period of 4 weeks, which will be given to you by the trainer at the end of your training session.

What are the payment methods for training activities?

We accept payment by credit card, you can always open a customer account with Simplex by making a request with the credit department.

Do you offer training to become a harness and lifeline inspector?

No, we do not provide training to become an inspector. However, we do offer the inspection service.

Do you offer training in English?

Yes, contact us at 514-331-7779, extension 10905 or by email by writing to to obtain our next training dates

Do you offer work at height training?

Yes. We offer two types of training: a four hour essential format and an eight hour full format. It is mandatory to bring a harness and a lanyard.

Are there training levels for the forklift?

Yes. It is important to indicate during your request the level of experience of the participant: beginner, intermediate, experienced or renewal of card. This makes a difference in learning time as well as in price.

Can we have a Trailor mounted boom lift training?

Yes, we do offer this training. It can be included with the boom lift and platform training, but must be specified when ordering the training.

Are the cards you give for an indefinite period?

No, the aerial platform cards are valid for 5 years. Those for forklifts and telehandlers have a duration of 3 years. After the card expiration date, the participant is due for a training renewal.

What is the cancellation period for a training course, free of charge?

It is 48 hours, after this time the participant must pay the cost of training.

Can a person who has a skills card train someone who does not?

No, a person who has obtained a skills card after training cannot train another person.

Do the trained people receive certificates after their training?

After training, the trainer gives the participants who have passed their training, temporary skills cards which is valid for 30 days. They can use them until they receive their official cards. The deadline for receiving official cards is two to four weeks.

How long does a training take?

Each training lasts one day, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and it consists of a theoretical part and a practical part.

What is the minimum number of harnesses and lanyards for a trainer to come to the customer to inspect them?

The minimum number of harnesses and lanyards to do an inspection at the customer's premises is 30. However, if a customer has less than 30 items to be inspected, he can always make an appointment with the training team to have them inspected at one of our branches.

Do you do maintenance on machinery not belonging to Simplex?

Yes, Simplex offers a maintenance and repair service. We also have a dedicated unit to offer this type of service, either directly on site with our customers or at our various workshops. They can be reached at (450) 435-0605 or by email

Do you offer 24/7 emergency services ?

An emergency service outside normal business hours is indeed available. Contact us at 1-800-361-1486 for more information. Charges may apply.

Do you offer a maintenance plan?

We indeed offer a mechanical service in business. Contact us for troubleshooting or advice. More details on our page

Do you sell parts for large equipment?

We sell original and generic parts for forklifts, hydraulic scaffolding, aerial work platforms and battery lifts. For more information you can reach us at

Do you do structural tests (magnetic particle inspection)?

Yes, we do offer this service. You can contact us at 450-435-0605 or by email:

Do you sell equipment?

At this time, we do not sell large equipment. If you are looking to buy small tools, please refer to our advisors.

Do you make repairs on equipment that belongs to me?

Yes, we repair forklifts, hydraulic scaffolding, boom lifts and battery operated lifts. You can contact our mechanical department for more information

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