Why choose an electric forklift?

Un chariot élévateur électrique soulève une charge lourde dans la remorque d'un camion

More economical than a motorized forklift, the electric forklift has a host of advantages.

The clean solution for all your storage needs!
Thanks to its electric power supply, you no longer need to worry about harmful emissions indoors.
Versatile in its functions, it is ideal for loading and unloading of materials, deliveries and all logistical tasks to and from storage areas. An electric forklift is perfect for your warehouse operations.
Battery powered forklifts can be used outdoors if weather and surface conditions are suitable. However, their main use is indoors.
Advantages of an electric forklift:
  • Cleanliness: you can work in an environment without leaving any trace with the non-marking tires.
  • Quiet: its electric motorization allows you to work in a noise-free environment and polluting emission.
  • Comfortability: Working in a comfortable environment with low levels of vibration and noise, reduces operator fatigue and improves operator comfort, while improving your overall productivity.
  • Controlled air quality: With emission-free battery power, electric forklifts eliminate the exhaust hazards associated with gasoline, propane or diesel powered forklifts. Work safely indoors!
  • Reduced HVAC costs: Reduce your exhaust costs, avoid having to change your air change rate, and reduce your heating and cooling costs.
  • Protection of your goods: the electric forklift guarantees protection for your goods in storage since they are not at risk of being damaged by heat or exhaust emitted by fuel-powered forklifts.