How to choose a Construction Heater?

During the cold winter months, working with a construction heater becomes necessary. Whether it's to speed up the drying of walls under construction or to work in comfort, the construction heater becomes the perfect tool to keep your project warm!

What are the selection criteria for a heater?

In order to choose your construction heating system, it is necessary to take into account several criteria, including

  • The airtightness of the building,
  • The area of the building site to be heated,
  • The desired temperature,
  • The occupancy of the premises if the building site will be used by the public,
  • The humidity level,
  • The ventilation constraints,
  • The speed with which the ideal temperature must be reached,
  • The presence of harmful products on the site,

Depending on the type of site, the volume to be heated or the desired temperature, it is advisable to choose between 3 types of site heaters.

Electric heater or propane heater?

The electric construction heater

Ideal for closed and/or isolated construction sites with an electrical power supply. The electric construction heater is simple and safe for small and medium-sized sites.

It produces a dry heat, ideal to dehumidify a very wet place, to prevent frost or to dry construction materials, walls and floors. This type of heater is used indoors, for closed and/or insulated spaces. The main advantages of the electric construction heater are its simplicity of use, just plug it into an electrical outlet and its safety aspect: it does not emit any feul and is safer for the construction site and the workers who work there. For your heating needs, we have a range of heaters from 5000 to 100 000 BTU.

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Direct Fired Heaters

Direct fired heaters provide heat for temporary use on a construction site or during maintenance. They are designed for simple use with minimal maintenance.

This type of heater is suitable for ventilated rooms or outdoor spaces, but is not permitted in public areas or near animals. For your heating needs, we have a range of heaters from 35,000 BTU to 1,500,000 BTU.

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Did you know?

Direct fired heaters are prohibited in places open to the public.

Indirect Fired Heaters

Indirect fired heaters allow the products of combustion to be expelled to the outside and are ideal for use in environments where clean air is a necessity.

It operates with an oil, propane or natural gas burner that heats a tubular system in which dry, smokeless air is circulated by a fan. This type of heater is also equipped with a chimney that evacuates the combustion fumes to the outside. In addition, this indirect-fired heater allows the public to enter the work area. Construction Heaters are the ultimate solution in portable heating. In fact, they bring instant heat to the work site, even in the middle of winter! For your heating needs, we have a range of heaters from 175,000 BTU to 400,000 BTU.

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