Discover the advantages of tool and equipment rental

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Sometimes, projects or tasks require specialised tools and equipment that can be expensive and cumbersome to own permanently. In this case, tool and equipment rental is a smart solution.

5 advantages of renting tools

1.Cost reduction

Renting tools and equipment is often cheaper than buying. Special tools and equipment can be expensive to purchase, but for temporary or infrequent use, renting can save you a lot of money. For example, some equipment can cost several hundred thousand dollars.

2.No need for maintenance or repairs

When you rent tools and equipment, you aren't responsible for maintenance. Some repairs can be costly and directly impact your budget, not to mention the delays they can cause on your project. We make sure the tools are in good condition through our preventive maintenance services. If a tool is broken or stops working during your project, simply return it for a replacement.

3. Avoid unnecessary storage

By renting tools and equipment, you can avoid storage problems after your project is complete. You will not have to find space to store tools and equipment you no longer need, which can be especially handy if you have limited space.

4. Flexibility

Every construction project has specific requirements for tools and equipment. Renting allows you to choose exactly the tools you need for your project without investing in equipment that you may not be able to fully use later.

5. Access to special equipment

Some construction projects require special tools or equipment not normally used. Renting gives you access to these specialized pieces of equipment, allowing you to efficiently complete complex and specialized tasks. This is one of the main benefits, as you can choose from a variety of equipment tailored to your needs.

Whether you need a circular saw, a percussion drill, or even a boom lift, you are no longer limited to what you own. This gives you access to special equipment for specific tasks. At Simplex, you’ll find all of this and more. Plus, you can take advantage of our expert advice to get recommendations on the best tools for your specific project.

When you rent a construction tool or equipment, you often need training to use it properly. At Simplex, we offer several types of professional training tailored to your needs. Visit our training section to learn more.

If you choose this solution, you can use a wide range of tools and equipment without having to worry about storing them.

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Buy or rent tools? 5 factors to consider

When deciding between buying or renting tools, there are several key factors to consider. Let us explore five critical factors that will help you make an informed decision.

1.Frequency of use 

If you only need the tool or equipment occasionally or for a specific project, renting is probably the least expensive option.

2.Project duration

If you plan to use the tool or equipment for a relatively short period of time, renting is more practical than buying because you do not have to store or resell the item after use.


Often you are ready to buy the tools and equipment you need for your project right away, but they are not available. If you choose to rent them, they are easily accessible, and you can start your project without delay.

4.Technological advances

Some tools and equipment can quickly become obsolete due to technological advances. If you anticipate significant improvements in the short term, renting allows you to access newer versions without having to constantly purchase new equipment.

5.Specific needs

If you have specific needs for a particular project, renting can provide access to special tools or equipment without having to purchase them.

In summary, renting tools and equipment provides savings on acquisition costs, offers flexibility and adaptability, covers maintenance and repairs, provides access to the latest technology without worrying about obsolescence, and is especially suitable for one-time or seasonal projects.

Are you ready to rent? Contact us and a specialist from our team will advise you.