Safety harness inspection

The inspection of personal protective equipment used to work at height is mandatory and safety harnesses and all related accessories must be inspected annually by a qualified inspector in accordance with CAN / CSA Z259.10 and as specified by the manufacturers.


Why have safety harnesses inspected?

  • The risk of falling from a height is omnipresent and your safety harness is a bulwark against the impact of a fall. The latter, like your connecting accessories, should be inspected.
  • Beyond the daily inspection by the user, the employer must ensure that their equipment is inspected annually by a qualified person other than the user. This inspection must even be carried out at shorter intervals in certain situations.
  • At the end of the inspection, we issue you a certificate attesting to the device's compliance and its safe use, as well as a daily inspection guide.
Formation protection cotre les chutes.

Good to know

Your safety harnesses should be inspected annually.

How does the harness inspection service work?

  • Contact our training department at 514 331-7779 ext. 10905 to make an appointment.
  • When your safety equipment inspection is complete, you can pick it up the same day or at a later date.

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