Inspection safety harness and lanyard

Safety harness and lanyard inspection service


Inspecting individual protective equipment used to work at heights is mandatory and safety harnesses with all their accessories must be inspected each year by a qualified inspector in compliance with the CAN/CSA Z259.10 standard and as specified by manufacturers.

Why inspect your safety harnesses?

The risk of falling from a height is omnipresent and your safety harness is a shield against the impact. Just like your connection accessories, your harness must be inspected.

Beyond daily inspection by the user, the employer must ensure their equipment is inspected annually by a qualified person other than user. Certain situations even require more frequent inspections.

Following the inspection, you are given a certificate testifying the safety of your device and its use along with a daily inspection guide.

How does the harness inspection service work?

Call  our training services at 514-331-7779, extension 10905, to take an appointment . When your safety equipment is inspected, you may pick it up the same day or at a later date.

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