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Space heater for rent

In the middle of the cold season, Simplex Equipment Rental offers you four types of heaters: propane heaters, natural gas heaters, oil heaters and electric heaters. Whatever your needs, our consultants will gladly help you choose the appropriate heater.

Electric and Gas Space Heaters

Depending on your work environment, the type of event and the weather conditions you are going to need to stay warm. Whatever the job site or event, find the heater you need at Simplex.

Propane heater: small spaces, non-polluting

Natural gas heater: major projects

Oil heater: outdoor events, cinema, productions

Electric heater: residential, indoor use

Ground heater: thaws the ground, dries concrete or helps resist frost

Before choosing the appropriate heater, you must determine your BTU needs. Use our BTU calculator to determine your heating needs.

Always keep in mind that whatever the type of heater used, you must handle the equipment with care to avoid burns and accidents.

Heating Equipment for Rent

Simplex Equipment Rental offers expertly maintained heating equipment from the best brands in the industry. Whatever the project, we have the tool for you. Come stop by one of our 40 branches and get expert advice and quality tools!

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