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Simplex is all about people – whether it’s the people who work for us, or the people in the communities we serve. André Véronneau, our President and CEO, is proud to assert that Simplex “gives back and believes that the economy should serve society, not the other way around.” True to this philosophy, Simplex has played a key role in a number of initiatives that reach out to up-and-coming generations.

- Attract young professionals: We created an in-house professional development team a few years ago to make sure new employees receive the training they need to maximize their on-the-job performance. In some cases, personalized coaching is available to help employees fine-tune their skills and advance their career.

- Promote diversity: We have always acknowledged the added value that comes with a diverse workforce. Employees from various communities around the province and around the world have been welcomed to Simplex with open arms and have flourished within our organization.

- Embrace financial and social accountability.At Simplex, we firmly believe that we have an obligation to foster economic and social opportunities in our communities. Several of our executives are involved in local development agencies (such as CEDEC-Ahunstic and Renaissance), cultural organizations (FestiBlues, Heritage Montreal) and charities that work to combat social isolation (Le Chaînon, Maison du Père, Moisson Montréal).

- Adhere to a strict code of ethics: As a socially responsible company, we have adopted a code of ethics and professional conduct to ensure we comply with the most stringent standards in terms of equity, integrity and values. We expect our employees to follow our lead and treat their co-workers, customers and business partners with the utmost respect and courtesy.

- Stand up for the planet. Our green policies and practices include systematically performing post-rental inspections and servicing equipment on a monthly, seasonal and annual basis according to a set schedule (determined by type of machinery, year of acquisition and number of times rented). A few years ago, we made the environmentally friendly decision to stop using disposable plastic bags for our customers’ smaller purchases (nails, screws, staples, etc.). Every little bit counts!

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