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Heavy equipment courses-training

Operating your heavy equipment... takes training!

Avoid accidents with safety training for heavy equipment. Simplex offers training to ensure that you always operate your lifts, scissor lifts, and forklifts safely.

This heavy equipment training is essential for accident prevention. It is very important for workers to fully understand handling techniques for everyone's safety. Furthermore, in accordance with the Workplace Skills Act, safety training for heavy equipment at Simplex qualifies for the 1% training requirement. It also meets Canadian standards and includes practical and theoretical assessment for each participant. Simplex also offers training at your workplace and with the benefit of being completed in just one day.

Regardless of the frequency of use, this training is intended for regular or occasional operators of heavy equipment. Our experienced specialists are experts in the field and will properly train you on safety procedures to identify hazards in the work environment and develop skills for inspecting equipment.

Simplex offers training for four types of equipment :

Scissor lift

Articulating lift



For further information on our heavy equipment training services, contact us at 1-800-361-1486 and consult our Web site: http://www.simplex.ca/en/training/.