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Water Pumps for rent

Simplex Equipment Rental is the leader in pumps. Several pumps are available to suit your needs. This includes the water pump.

Water pump

The water pump is useful for pumping water, but also solid waste such as mud. You can use the water pump for pumping water from trenches, pits, basements and other areas.

At Simplex Equipment Rental you can choose between a gas water pump and an electric water pump. The water pump can clear between 800 and 24,000 gal./h. There are various hoses according to the type of water pump: hose diameters of water pumps vary between 2'' and 6''.

Simplex even offers you a submersible water pump! By renting a submersible water pump, you can use it where there is a large quantity of liquid.

For all your equipment needs, come to Simplex Equipment Rental!